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Our custom makeup applications will have you feeling and looking your best - no matter the occasion!

Makeup Application - $75 (45mins)

No matter the occasion take the stress out of getting ready! Whether it is a full glam moment or natural artistry we can make you look and feel your best. Experience a VIP treatment from the moment you sit in the chair. 


Makeup Lesson - $100 (60 mins)

Looking to elevate your current makeup routine or learn a new technique? During this 1-on-1 makeup lesson we will work together to create a look that is completely custom to you and your needs.  Guiding you through what to use from your own collection and making recommendations on anything you might need to add. Spice things up with this professional lesson!


Express Makeup - $60 (30 mins) 

Perfect for the minimalist or someone who is looking for a natural look and is short on time. Bringing it back to the basics with this makeup look that will have you looking refreshed and your best. 


False Lash Application - $20 (15 mins) 

False lash application customized to your desired look. Lashes look and feel natural and will last a couple days. Perfect to add on to any makeup service. 


Airbrush Foundation - $20 (15 mins) 

Achieve a long lasting flawless foundation with water resistant airbrush makeup. Perfect add on to any makeup service. 

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