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Skin Treatments

At Opal Beauty + Wellness we look at your skin holistically by finding overall balance within the body to create lasting results without compromise. You deserve to nourish your mind, body and spirit -- book a customized facial today. 

New to Opal Beauty + Wellness? We encourage a consultation first to start your journey to beautiful skin. 

*please note all skin treatments include a dermaplane

Customized Holistic Facial - $120 (60mins)

Let us take the guess work out of what facial to choose! This facial is based on your skin type, concerns and goals. Whether you are concerned about congested pores, dry skin, aging or pigmentation we can help. We begin by recognizing what your skin needs and then we customize every aspect of your facial to promote balance and overall skin health. 


Advanced Holistic Facial - $145 (75 mins)

Achieve exceptional results without compromising the health of your skin. Equivalent to a luxury facial peel without downtime, this treatment combines our facial infusion with active powder blends to stimulate blood flow, increase cell turnover and improve skin tone/texture. Our facial infusion and powder blends are based on your skin concerns and skin type to achieve optimal level of skin health. 


Dermal Nutrition Infusion Facial - $175 (60mins)

Fight signs of aging with our Dermal Nutrition Infusion Facial and experience 30 days of collagen production. Using a noninvasive tool we drive active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal rejuvenation. The DNIF improves texture, diminishes fine lines, increases hydration and promotes collagen production. 


Signature Opal Glow Facial - $85 (45 mins)

Our signature Opal Glow facial is everything you need to get your skin glowing. The OG facial includes a dermaplane treatment and hydrojelly mask followed by a relaxing facial massage for the ultimate glow. *Perfect before an event or wedding 


Express Corrective Facial - $75 (30mins)

Perfect for when you want the results of a facial but are tight on time. We will deep clean your pores with a thorough cleanse and mild extractions followed by our signature growth factor serum. Leave refreshed and recharged!


Skin and Wellness Consultation - $50 (30mins)

Skin is a reflection of the internal body. By taking a deeper look at your individual skin-body connection, we can target your skin concerns and achieve your goals.  We will create a treatment plan and educate you on how to care for your skin at home. The cost of this service will be applied to future treatments or products purchased on the same day as your consultation.

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